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Sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, insomnia, snoring, narcolepsy or restless leg syndrome are more common than you might think. Even more, sleep disorders, in all their forms, can have serious consequences on your physical and mental health and can lead, in the long term, to serious complications for your health as well as for your personal life, such as an increase in the risk from:

It can also lead to reduced libido, alertness, concentration and, consequently, an increased risk of road and work accidents, divorce, loss of employment and professional difficulties.

What are our services for people with apnea
sleep offered by our respiratory therapists?

Member of
the Order respiratory therapist professional
of Quebec

Our certified respiratory therapists can provide you with general advice, help you buy, adjust and maintain your devices, ensure good follow-up during your adaptation period and guide you as well as take care of your renewal.

Your respiratory therapist will be there for you
before, during and after your treatment.

You have just been diagnosed with sleep apnea.
What to do now ?

For those who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and need treatment, the next steps can seem overwhelming. However, don’t worry, your licensed respiratory therapist will explain what to expect and provide you with all the basic information to help you get back to better sleep.

We are here to help you in these difficult times!

Virtual Consultation (2)

General advice

Accompaniment in your efforts and discussing your sleep disorders, your symptoms and your sleep apnea treatment while helping you to have a clearer idea of the steps to take to start your new therapy.

Clinic_ASC_Assistance in purchasing your devices (1)

To assist
With the purchase of your devices

To support you in the process of purchasing your devices, masks and accessories by giving you advice on choosing the right ones for your specific sleep apnea treatment, adapted to your lifestyle.

To help
Adjust your devices

Support throughout your treatment with the pressure settings of your device and your mask.

Clinic_Care_maintenance (1)

Cleaning and maintenance of your devices

To help you learn more about the operation of your equipment and medical supplies by giving you complete explanations on the appropriate use for your type of treatment as well as instructions on the methods, procedures for cleaning and maintenance of your devices, your masks and accessories.


Support and reassure
Full tracking

Follow you fully with the adaptation to your treatment and the wearing of the mask in order to make recommendations to your doctor, if necessary, by generating a follow-up report and reading the data generated by your treatment.

Clinic_ASC_Assistance_buying (2)

Guide and take care of yourself
with your renewal

To guide you and support your renewal of your machine and your mask for your sleep apnea treatment if necessary.

Meet with one of our licensed respiratory therapists to help you sleep better.

We offer contactless consultations by appointment, in the comfort of your home, by videoconference or by telephone.

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Sleep apnea is a disease that should not be taken lightly. Get your life back with our advice, devices, masks and accessories for your sleep apnea treatment.

We promise to give you a ton of care without the pressure, and we’ll let you know how we can support you in your efforts to treat your sleep apnea.

Personalized treatment

In our first videoconference, we will learn more about you and discuss your sleep issues, symptoms and treatment for sleep apnea and provide details on the next steps to start your new therapy. .

Personalized treatment

During our first video conference, we will get to know you better and discuss your sleep disorders, symptoms and treatment of sleep apnea. We'll walk you through the next steps to start your new therapy.

Targeted care

We will also accompany you in the process of choosing and buying your devices and accessories by giving you advice on choosing the right machine, the right mask and the accessories adapted to your treatment of sleep apnea and adapted to your mode. of life.

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