Kit Dreamstation Auto Expert CPAP, humidifier, modem and HT15 by Philips-Respironics


DreamStation auto expert

Kit DreamStation auto Expert with humidifier HT15 modem cellular by Philips-Respironics

For a fixed or variable pressure

A choice of masks among all the models offered by the CPAP Sleep Apnea Clinic

No extra for a face mask that covers the mouth (please note that for your comfort a nasal mask is preferred). A minority of patients need the face mask

the respiratory therapist consultation service is included

Follow-up report with device data is included

1 × Wipes with ALOE VERA for CPAP mask by Pürdoux™
1 × DreamWear Pillow Mask, Headgear with arms | Fit Pack by Philips Respironics
1 × DreamStation 2 Auto CPAP Advanced by Philips Respironics

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Out of stock

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