Memory Foam CPAP Pillow by Best in Rest


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No matter how well your CPAP therapy is set, achieving a deep relaxing sleep without the right pillow may seem like a very difficult task. This premium quality reversible pillow by Best in Rest™ is the first to use the new patented revolutionary technology of herbal infusion memory foam. An innovation that helps CPAP users achieve deep sleep like no other CPAP pillow was able to do before.


Moulds to the best shape for your body to reduce pressure points and helps you achieve the most comfortable position for a straight spine and neck. Specically designed to encourage easier breathing by alleviating pressure from your mask to constinuously give a deep relaxing sleep.

Ventilated memory foam

Promotes air circulation & reduces moisture build up

Ideal for sleeping in multiple positions

Specifically designed to encourage easier breathing by alleviating pressure from your mask to continuously give a deep relaxing sleep

Infused with herbal green tea

Promotes the purest therapeutic sleep. Natural ingredients can help relieve headaches & migraines. Neutralize odors for lasting freshness and offers a pleasant scent

Adjustable Pilow Height

The center layer of the pillow can be removed, allowing customers to adjust the height of the pillow to their preference

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