Support clamp for CPAP Raptor tubing by CPAPology


Let the pliers take control!

The Raptor hose clamp is a bedside accessory that helps prevent the CPAP hose from becoming tangled during sleep. The Raptor’s tall, agile design allows the hose to be held from above, making it easy to move without tangling or damaging the hose. Raptor uses its 360° rotating clamp with non-slip pads to grip your CPAP tube while giving you greater freedom of movement in bed.

Raptor includes two fastening options: an adjustable clamp or a plate that fits under the mattress. Either option can be securely attached to various objects in the bedroom, allowing the Raptor to have several different bedside configurations for optimum comfort. The Raptor also comes with a 12″ extension rod for users who need more height.

Features :

  • The rotating clamp makes it possible to grip the CPAP tube while offering greater freedom of movement in bed.
  • Durable aluminum stem core gives the Raptor added stability
  • Two mounting options are included: the non-slip adjustable foot clamp or the mattress plate.
  • The clamp fits a bed frame or countertop up to 3″.
  • 360° clamp rotation
  • 31″ length with 12″ extension rod for users who need more height

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